Father's Day Gift Guide

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NK180 Electric Kayak Motor

20% off - Sale Price $799.20

The sport of kayak fishing isn't synonymous with human powered propulsion any longer. Primarily inspired by the rise of competitive kayak bass fishing, electric motorization has become commonplace on today’s fishing kayaks. The greatest benefit of adding motorization to kayaks is that anglers are less limited in range, allowing them to explore more and reach previously untouched water. Anglers achieve a greater sense of adventure by expanding their range of options and making their time on the water more productive. The perfect gift for the adventurous kayak angler Dad looking to reach new water and catch more fish. Our NK180 Kayak Motor is versatile and practical, fitting just about any kayak on the market!


Fathers Day Gift Guide - NK180 1 Fathers Day Gift Guide - NK180 2


24V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery

25% off - Sale Price $699

If you’re giving the gift of NK180 Electric motor power, it’s worth rounding out your Dad’s system with a LiFePO4 battery. The lithium battery revolution has allowed small boat and kayak anglers to equip their vessels with twice the power at half the weight. In the past, figuring out where to put heavy batteries was a literal balancing act. Now, you can put this battery where it fits without compromising your watercraft’s performance. With up to 50 mile range on a single charge, and smart technology built-in, this battery gets Dad safely out there and back with ease.


Fathers Day Gift Guide - 24v50ah Battery 1  Fathers Day Gift Guide - 24v50ah Battery 2


NV Series Trolling Motor - 55lb Thrust

15% off - Sale Price $169.15

Our best-selling trolling motor is the perfect gift for your value-minded angler. A reliable and proven motor with high performance features is what you get. This motor is a workhorse! Its fiberglass shaft flexes upon impact for ultimate durability, and it’s built to withstand fresh or saltwater environments. The battery meter atop the head of the motor ensures you always know how much juice you’ve got left, and with an adjustable shaft this motor fits a wide variety of hulls! This tried and true design is a top choice for many anglers, at an unbeatable price. Don’t forget 12V deep cycle marine power if Dad doesn’t already own one.



Fathers Day Gift Guide - NV Series 1 Fathers Day Gift Guide - NV Series 2


Kayak Trolling Motor - 55 lb thrust

20% off - Sale Price $159.20

Looking to get Dad outfitted with a kayak motor, but don’t want to spend top-dollar? If your kayak isn’t set up for a transom mounted motor already, this trolling motor can be mounted with the addition of our Transom Motor Mount - no worries! All you need is a flat area at the back of your kayak that can accommodate a 3.75” x 4.75” four-bolt mounting pattern (same as the Power Pole Micro shallow water anchor). Pair this with our 32” Tiller extension handle for easy steering from the seat. This motor’s 24” shaft was specifically designed to have the optimal running depth on all kayaks. Dad will be cruising in style, with freedom at his fingertips.



Fathers Day Gift Guide - Kayak Series 1 Fathers Day Gift Guide - Kayak Series 2 Fathers Day Gift Guide - Kayak Series 3


Transom Motor Mount

15% off - Sale Price $84.99

Made of heavy gauge aluminum and coated with a glossy black powder coating, this puppy stands up to any element Mother Nature can throw at it. The mount features dual HDPE plates for tons of bite when clamping down the motor. Secondarily, it features an aluminum locking lip that secures the motor in case the installer forgets to tighten the clamps down all the way! Newport’s transom motor mount installs to any flat surface that has room to use a 3.75 x 4.75 inch bolt pattern (aka Power Pole Micro bolt pattern). If your angler is in need of a flat transom surface for mounting any motor up to 3hp, this is the ticket!


Fathers Day Gift Guide - Transom Motor Mount 1  Fathers Day Gift Guide - Transom Motor Mount 2


Tiller Extension Handle 32”

15% off - Sale Price $46.74

If the Dad in your life is mounting a tiller steer trolling motor or outboard on his watercraft, the number one addition to his boating life should be a tiller extension handle. Our 32” Tiller Extension Handle is a versatile length, allowing for comfortable steering from the seated or standing position on just about any kayak, skiff or jon boat out there. The carbon fiber handle is lightweight and tough, the oversized tightening knob makes installation and removal easy, and the ergonomic handle is the most comfortable tiller handle we think anyone on the water has ever held! Trust us, your Dad will return from a day on the water happier and less fatigued than ever before.


Fathers Day Gift Guide - Tiller Extension Handle 1 Fathers Day Gift Guide - Tiller Extension Handle 2 


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Fathers Day Gift Guide - Newport Inflatable Boats 


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