Unlocking the True State of Charge in a Bluetooth Lithium Battery

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How to get the most accurate SOC reading with the Newport BMS App

In the ever-evolving landscape of marine electric power, precision is paramount. Whether you're navigating the open waters or exploring an interwoven swamp, knowing the exact state of charge of your battery gives you the confidence to go the distance and return back safely with power to spare. Newport Bluetooth Lithium batteries are the cutting-edge solution for those who demand accuracy and efficiency in their power management.

Equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology, our batteries provide real-time data on their state of charge, empowering users with precise information at their fingertips

Harnessing the Power of Connectivity

The key to unlocking the true state of charge lies in connectivity. With Newport Bluetooth Lithium batteries, users can seamlessly connect their smartphones or tablets to access vital battery information. Through the Newport BMS app, users can monitor voltage, current, temperature, and, most importantly, the state of charge with unrivaled accuracy. This level of insight enables users to optimize their power usage, plan their activities more efficiently, and extend the lifespan of their batteries.  The State of Charge (SOC) data we derive directly from our onboard battery management system (BMS) is undoubtedly the most accurate method of monitoring battery health on and off the water. 

Tips for Maximizing Accuracy

It’s important to observe your battery’s State of Charge (SOC) at resting.  Batteries reflect SOC most accurately when they’re not under load, and have been given an opportunity to rest and recover from voltage sag*. Batteries typically fully recover within 2-3 minutes. 

Always connect the Newport BMS app to your battery before hitting the water to ensure you’re starting out with a full charge.  It's recommended to observe your battery’s SOC on the water, once per hour when starting out. 

How To Monitor SOC in your Battery:

Shift your throttle into the neutral position.

Allow your battery to rest for 2-3 minutes, to account for voltage sag (you do not need to unplug or power off your controller). 

Refresh your bluetooth connection to the battery by simply tapping the icon at the top right of the screen, then tapping “search devices”.  Select your battery to reconnect.

Compare the reading on your Newport BMS app with the reading on the throttle controller.

If your controller is displaying a more diminished charge than the app, you likely haven’t given the battery enough time to account for voltage sag.  Rest another minute and observe the charge level again.

Expert Tip:

As you become familiar with your battery and its performance on your watercraft, you’ll need less frequent check-ins.  After several on-water sessions, you should have a good feel for an optimal throttle range that suits your adventure.  

      *Voltage sag refers to the temporary drop in the voltage that a battery experiences when put under significant load. This is a universal occurrence with all batteries. You may witness this when you use the throttle, especially during high-pressure situations like traveling against current.

      Added Benefits of Newport’s Non-Proprietary Battery Solution

      Our motors are intentionally designed to work with a wide variety of power options, giving the user ultimate flexibility when it comes to price, range and on-board weight distribution.  With the ability to move batteries to an onboard location that maximize the performance of your watercraft, users are able to squeeze every ounce of range and performance out of the motor and battery package itself.  This is highly valuable for those seeking off-the-beaten-path adventure and long days on the water. 

      The Way Forward is Electric

      In a world driven by innovation, precision, and sustainability, Newport Bluetooth Lithium batteries represent the way forward. With their unparalleled accuracy and connectivity, they empower users to navigate waters with confidence and efficiency. 

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