The NK180 is a 24v electric outboard motor designed to be mounted to the stern of a kayak. You can steer the motor with foot controls and use the variable speed controller for forward and reverse. Check out our NK180 Compatibility Guide to see if this motor will work on your kayak!


This motor can be installed in several ways using the included mounting bracket and hardware. 

  1. Some kayaks will come with four predrilled holes in the stern, which is commonly labeled PowerPole Ready/Compatible. This means your kayak is compatible with our mount and hardware. However, additional spacers might be needed to help lift the mount up off the kayak to prevent interaction with grab handles or other features.  
  2. A motor can be attached by drilling holes in the stern and attaching the mount directly to the kayak, like the picture below. Some kayaks will have metal mounting brackets to disperse the weight of the mount and make it easier to mount to boats with minimal surface area. Please see our NK180 Compatibility Guide for a quick recommendation.
  3. If your kayak is not on the chart or is not compatible, please see our Compatibility Index to see how the NK180 can be attached to the boat. This may give you an idea of how to create a DIY mounting system. Please reach out if you want to provide any feedback on your installation process. At this time, we do not have any specific details for DIY setups for any kayaks. We recommend searching YouTube and Reddit for more information. 


If you have any questions about our NK180, please see our:

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