What are the differences between brushed motors and direct drive brushless motors?

Trolling motors and NK180 use different technologies to achieve different goals at different price points. This article will explain the cost, technology, mounting types, efficiency, max speeds, compatible batteries, and ways we see customers using these motors. Please see our NK180 Compatibility Guide and our Trolling Motor Recommendation Guide for help deciding which one fits your needs. 


Trolling Motors 

  • Cost: $179-499
  • Technology: Produced with a Brushed DC Electric Motor
  • Mounting: Uses transom or bow mounts
  • Efficiency: Brushed technology is not as efficient as brushless.
    • When comparing trolling motos 24v is more efficient than 12v.
  • Max Speed: 4.5mph
  • Battery: 12V or 24V (Lead-Acid preferred)
  • Use: Great for fishing and recreational use

The NK180

  • Cost: $999
    • Not including a battery or a charger
  • Technology: Produced with direct-drive brushless technology and is considered an electric outboard motor
  • Mounting: Uses 4 bolt mounting system on the stern of a kayak
  • Efficiency: More efficient using a brushless motor than 24V or 12v trolling motors
  • Max Speed: Exceeds 5 MPH
  • Battery: 24V lead-acid or lithium batteries
  • Use: Great for traveling larger distances more quickly: tournament fishing or river trips

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