Please reach out to your local DMV about registering your boat and motor with them. Please note the trolling motors do not come with a Manufacturing Statement of Origin (MSO) as this form does not exist. The Department of Motor Vehicles may have varying requirements for registering a trolling motor in your state. Here is a general guide of information and documents to bring to register your trolling motor on a vessel.

What Do You Need?

We highly recommend researching your state for the specific requirements, but the list below is a good start. Below you will find a list that the DMV generally requests.

  1. Proof of Purchase (Bill of Sale):
  2. DMV Form(s):
  3. Motor Type:
    • Year: The first two numbers on your serial number. Example "US19..." would be produced in 2019. 
    • Propulsion: Trolling Motor or if your form does not list Trolling Motor select "Other"


    • Fuel: Electric or if your form does not list Electric select "Other"


      • NOTE: Trolling motors are electric powered, they do not come with a "hang tag" or emission requirements since they do not create emissions.
  1. Serial Number
  2. State License
  3. Registration Fee Payment

Where Is My Serial Number?




If you have any additional questions about our motors, please see our Motors FAQ Page. For more in-depth articles, please visit our Motor Support Page. If you can’t find the information you need, give us a call (866) 721-0002 Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm PST or reach out to us via email SUPPORT@NEWPORTVESSELS.COM.