There is a small black button located on the side of the circuit breaker that needs to be pressed back in to restore power to the motor. 


Every one of our trolling motors comes with a manual reset circuit breaker already connected in-line with the battery cables. Please note that the NK180 does not use a circuit breaker. It has a voltage management system built into the speed controller and will shut off the motor in the event of a surge.

Manual reset circuit breakers are different from a fuse you might find in your house or car because it can be reset and reused. Once the circuit breaker has been tripped, a small black button will be pushed out, indicating it has been tripped and the power cut off. Follow these steps to properly reset your circuit breaker:

  1. Check for anything that would cause the motor to pull excessive power
    • Check for debris caught in the propeller
    • Make sure the connections to the battery are tight and secure
    • Make sure the connection at the circuit breaker are tight and secure
  2. Check for any points of resistance causing heat build up
    • Check battery terminals for corrosion or heat
    • Check circuit breaker for corrosion or heat
  3. Once everything checked, depress the black reset button.
    • LED lights should illuminate on the head of the trolling motor and power should be restored. 

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