Lithium batteries will not work with the LED battery meters on our trolling motors. You can use a lithium battery with an output voltage below 13.8 and safely operate a trolling motor. 

LED Meters

Many trolling motors in the market, including ours, are powered by lead-acid deep cycle or marine batteries. These LED meters light up blue when they read the incoming voltage that is received from the battery. The NV and Kayak series have 5-point LED meters, while the X, Mossy Oak, L, and Pontoon series have 10-point LED meters.


When you attach your completely charged lead-acid battery to your motor in the off position, it will light up all lights (5/5 or 10/10), which means the motor has 11.8 volts or more of available power. When you turn the handle to the highest speed, the 5th speed,  stress is added to the battery resulting in the voltage dropping. 


Why won't Lithium Batteries work with most LED Meters?

Most trolling motors' LED battery meters report the incoming voltage, which is not compatible with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries run at about the same consistent voltage, which suddenly drops when it is completely drained, whereas lead-acid batteries steadily decline in voltage. Customers who decide to use a lithium battery and want an LED meter should purchase a lithium compatible LED battery meter. 


Lithium LED Battery Meter 

Websites like Amazon have Lithium LED Battery meters for about $15-$30. Often these meters have black and red wires to attach to the corresponding terminals on your battery. Remember to check the settings before purchasing to ensure it is compatible with your lithium battery. It is worth noting that you will also need a special charger to charge a lithium battery. Customers are strongly encouraged to purchase waterproof meters for the best longevity. If you want to learn more about using lithium batteries with our products, please see our Lithium Batteries With Trolling Motors? article. 


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