When installing your trolling motor, it is important to hold the motor's weight as you lower it into the desired depth into the water. If you constantly allow the motor to fall, it will collide with other parts and eventually break. Avoid this by tightening parts #2 and 3. Please see our How to Install Your Motor on a Transom article for referencing these part numbers.

Please note that the directional lock is not to be used to hold the mount in place or height of the motor permanently. This part is designed to lock the direction of the motor in place. Using it for any use than what it's intended for will cause it to weaken and fail.

The same precaution should be taken when tilting the motor up or down. Depressing the tilt level and allowing the motor to slam into either the stow (horizontal) or ready (vertical) position can damage the mount.


Do not drive with your motor attached to your vessel as the shock from potholes can stress the motor and break the transom mount. It is best to put the motor in the back seat or a covered truck bed. Minimizing the stress to the mount will help with the longevity of the motor. This will save you a lot of effort down the road.


The parts of the mount are made with fiberglass reinforced nylon or stainless steel. The plastic components only need to be cleaned with fresh water. For the stainless steel components, WD-40 is excellent to use.


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