The following motors require an additional circuit breaker to be used with your smart battery box: 36, 40, 46, 55, and 86lb thrust. You can use the trolling motor circuit breaker with the integrated Smart Battery Box circuit breaker without any issues. The 62lb motor requires a 60amp circuit breaker to protect the motor. The smart battery box has a built-in 60 amp circuit breaker built into it, which means our 62lb thrust motors will not need an additional circuit breaker.

Why Do I Need To Use A Second Circuit Breaker?

The Smart Battery Box has a larger 60 amp circuit breaker in order to be compatible with all our motors. Considering the circuit breaker is much larger than the needs of most of the motors, an additional circuit breaker is needed to protect them. Without a circuit breaker to protect your motor, it can be overloaded by a surge in power, which will inevitably damage interior parts. For this reason, we supply a specific circuit breaker with every motor. The circuit breaker will turn the motor off in case the motor is receiving too much power. 

62lb Thrust Motors

Our 62lb thrust motors use the same 60amp circuit breaker as the Smart Battery Box. This means when a 62lb thrust motor is paired with the smart battery box a second circuit breaker is not needed. 


How to Install on the Smart Battery Box

1. Installation On the External Posts

The motor wire and circuit breaker can be attached directly to the posts of the smart battery box. A benefit to this set up is you can still easily access the reset button on the circuit breaker

2. Installation between the battery and Smart Battery Box

The second option is attaching the circuit breaker inside the smart battery box directly to the positive terminal of your battery. The lid of the smart battery box has a positive lead on the inside you can attach to the terminal of your circuit breaker. This looks cleaner but is more difficult to reach the reset button on the circuit breaker.

Please see question number 6,' How to Install a Circuit Breaker?' on our Smart Battery Box FAQ Page for more information. Failure to use the correct circuit breaker with the Smart Battery Box can damage your motor.

Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker Requirements

  • 40A (36lb)
  • 50A (40lb, 46lb, 55lb & 86lb)
  • 60A (62lb)

If you have any additional questions, please see our  Smart Battery Box FAQ page. For more in-depth articles, please see our  Accessories Support PageIf you can’t find the information you need, give us a call (866) 721-0002 Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm PST or reach out to us via email SUPPORT@NEWPORTVESSELS.COM.