Waiting for Tracking updates

Before placing an order, you can view estimated delivery dates by viewing our Shipping Policy. Another situation that can lead to a delayed order is when the tracking label has been sent to you and you are waiting for the carrier to update the label. Tracking labels tend to be updated less during busy times of the season. When this happens, a carrier has so many packages that they scan items less often in order to move packages across the country more efficiently. Unfortunately, for customers and our staff, we will not have any different updates from what you see on your tracking page. For up to date and most accurate updates on your shipment, please check your tracking number for movement and expected delivery dates provided by the shipper. If the order is not fulfilled 24 hours after the estimated shipping date and the shipper has not updated the estimated delivery date, please reach out to us for assistance: 

    1. (866) 721-0002, M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm PST.