It doesn’t happen often, but we can run out of products or we have a new product that we are releasing soon with expected high demand. In these cases, we’ll make the product available for “Pre-Order”.

If the product is currently out of stock, we’ll have a message placed on the front end of the product page with a message stating it is out of stock, but with an expected in-stock or shipping date. This message is located right below the “Pre-Order” button on the product page so you are notified before purchasing the product. You can check back on the product page for up to date estimates of the shipping date. There will also be a message on your receipt with this same message. By purchasing this item on our site you are paying to reserve the product. Payment will be taken and your order will be shipped out once we receive more stock of the product. The same procedure will be followed for new products we are releasing. 

We highly recommend placing pre-orders to reserve your product. There have been cases where pre-orders placed by customers will reserve all the inbound inventory. For customers that did not place a pre-order and waited for the motor to be back in stock, they had to wait until the next order of inventory.