How do I ride my SUP?

When riding a SUP you want your body to be positioned on the center of the board with feet parallel at shoulders width and your knees slightly bent. For beginners it takes time to find your balance but after some time you will get used to the stance. Practice moving your weight side to side to gain comfort while on the board. When paddling, you want one hand on the top handle of the paddle and the other in the middle of the paddle. When padding on the right side of the board, your left hand should be at the top on the handle and vice versa when paddling on the left side of the board. For beginners, practice paddling on your knees before standing up. It's important to alternate your strokes off each side of the board every 3 or 4 times you paddle. This will allow you to continue straight. To turn, paddle on one side of the board, this will allow a slow turn. For a fast sharp turn, place your paddle in the water and stop your speed, this will force you to turn and change directions.