Intex Inflatable Boats are a great way to enjoy the water without spending an arm and a leg. Depending on how many people you want to fit in your boat, there are a number of different options including inflatable kayaks like the Explorer and Challenger, as well as larger boat like the Explorer, Challenger Series, Seahawk, Mariner, and Excursion. 

The Intex Explorer and Challenger Series are great entry points for many users, but is not compatible with a motor. To use a motor on your Intex boat, you'll want to look at the Seahawk Series, Excursion, or the Mariner. 


The Intex Seahawk is entry level, it comes in a 2 person or 4 person option, both of which are compatible with a trolling motor. To mount a motor on any of following Intex boat models (Seahawk, Mariner, Excursion) you will need to purchase the Intex Motor Mount for Inflatable Boats separately. This is not included with a Intex boat.


Intex recommends a 36" shaft for use with their boats such as this one, however the 30" shaft of our popular NV Series can work as well. If it is not available on Amazon, check availability for our 36" shaft trolling motor here and our 30" shaft trolling motors here. If you are using a 30" shaft with your Intex, just use the directional lock on the transom mount to keep the propeller pointed away from the hull of the boat, or it can damage the inflatable.

(Picture above features Mariner 4 Intex with NV Series 30" shaft) 

The Mariner from Intex's "Professional Series" is an upgrade from the Seahawk and Excursion with heavier duty fabric, and a more durable construction. The Mariner is a nice boat that really bumps up the confidence of the passengers, just add an Intex Motor Mount and a Newport Vessels X Series trolling motor and it's a great way to go fishing for less than $500. Both the 3 and 4 person Mariner are compatible with a trolling motor with the addition of the Intex Motor Mount. 

(Picture above shows Excursion 5 with X Series trolling motor)

For users looking for a bit more comfort may choose the Intex Excursion, this boat is available in 4 person, and 5 person versions, and features backrests on each seat. This boat is also compatible with a trolling motor with the addition of the Intex Motor Mount for Inflatable Boats. Again, because the soft hulls shape can deform with the power of a Newport Vessels trolling motor, you will want to keep the propeller pointed away from the hull of the boat. 


(Picture Above is Intex Excursion 5 with NV Series 30" Shaft)

Batteries are not included with a trolling motor, so you will need to purchase a 12V Deep Cycle battery as well. We recommend at least 50AH of power to provide a satisfyingly long run time with our motors, however you can choose a lower amperage option (as low as 35AH), it will just shorten the run time of the motor. Check out our resource guide on What is the Right Trolling Motor Battery for recommended batteries. To recharge the battery you will need a 12v battery charger, you may already have one in your garage, or we have one available here

If you feel uncomfortable having a battery with exposed electrical connections in the bottom of your inflatable, we also sell a Smart Battery Box for an added sense of security.