Once we print your shipping label, a tracking number will be linked to your order*. This tracking number can be assigned from the 2 shipping carriers we use: UPS and USPS. You can read more about the carriers we use by checking our our post What Carriers We Ship With? There are a few different methods we relay your tracking information to you, as well as ways you can find it.

*Note: This does not necessarily mean that your package has begun moving, just yet. Please view our Shipping Policy for more information about what time your orders are picked up and which days we ship.

1) Email

Once the shipping label is print, you will be sent an email with your tracking number enclosed. The tracking number will be linked to AfterShip, a program that is used to help simplify the tracking information and show a map with the location of your shipment. You can also copy this tracking number and paste it into your web browser, which can tell you what carrier is associated with your tracking number. This will allow you to go directly to UPS.com or USPS.com to track your package if you have any trouble with AfterShip.

2) Your Account

Tracking numbers can be found inside your Newport account as well! Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to My Account at the top right corner of our website and log in. NOTE: If you didn't create an account, you can create one now. Just use the same email address associated with your order, and it should link to your account automatically.
  2. Under Orders, click on the order number of the item you would like to track.
  3. Scroll down until you see Shipping Details on the right hand side. 
  4. Right after it says Tracking Link, you can click on the tracking number to view your tracking information.

3) Contact Newport Support

If you are unable to find your tracking number with any of these options, please contact our customer support team! You can contact us by email, chat with us or give us a call! Be ready with an order number so we can assist you more quickly. If you don't have an order number your email, phone number or name on the order can be used to pull up your information. If you haven't received an email and there is no tracking information in your account, most likely your order has not shipped yet.