Every Newport Trolling Motor comes with a complimentary circuit breaker. These circuit breakers must be used with the motor to protect the motor from surges of power. 


Circuit Breaker Care

These circuit breakers are not waterproof or corrosion-proof. You can prevent corrosion by wiping your circuit breaker with a wet rag to remove ocean spray. If there is any corrosion, we recommend using a wire brush to remove any rust off the terminals of your battery, circuit breaker, or trolling motor wires. Rust can create resistance, which reduces the flow of electricity and generates heat. 


When to Replace a Circuit Breaker

If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, it could be old or suffer from corrosion; you might need to replace your circuit breaker. You can purchase a replacement from our site or one from a local hardware store. We recommend using brass washers, similar to the ones found on our circuit breakers, to get the best conductivity and offer corrosion resistance. 

Smart Battery Box

There are two circuit breakers inside the lid of the Smart Battery Box: 60A and 10A. The 60A is connected to the external posts and the 10A is connected to the USB and DC12V plug. When these trip, these buttons push up into their clear protective cases. They can be reset by depressing them back down. Since these integrated circuit breakers are more protected, they don't require maintenance besides whipping down their protective cases. 

The 62lb thrust motors do not need to use the circuit breaker that comes with the motor as the Smart Battery Box has a built-in 60amp circuit breaker. The rest of the motors including the 86lb motors will need to have the complimentary circuit breaker that they came with installed onto or in the smart battery box. For more information on this topic please see our Battery Connection Methods article. 


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