Do I need a circuit breaker for a Newport Vessels trolling motor?

Newport Vessels highly recommends a manual reset circuit breaker in the outboard motor leads within 1.8m (72 inches) of the battery for this motor, on the positive line. During the usage of the electric outboard motor, when the propeller is stuck by the weeds, small stones, fishing lines or so forth, the circuit breaker will cut off the power automatically to prevent the damage of the electrical parts. Please see our GUIDE ON CIRCUIT BREAKERS for additional information on Circuit Breakers.

If the circuit breaker cuts off the power, please disconnect the battery first, then check and clear any obstacles. At last, press the reset button on the circuit breaker and reconnect the battery, the electric outboard motor will now be able to continue functioning properly. 

The 40 amp circuit breaker is recommended for the 36lb and 40lb thrust motors. The 50 amp circuit breaker is recommended for the 46lb, 55lb, and 86lb motors. And the 60 amp circuit breaker is best for the 62lb thrust motor. We now ship complimentary circuit breakers with the purchase of a trolling motor. These circuit breakers can also be found for purchase HERE if you would like to purchase an additional or spare. Please note that the circuit breaker will only protect when the motor is at the highest speed setting, whether forward or reverse.