I found a coupon on another site, but it isn't working. Why not?

Please ensure that you copy and paste the code. Please also double check that there are no spaces in front or behind the code. Writing or typing the code out can lead to incorrect characters being used. If your coupon is not working for the item(s) in your cart, please double check the details on what the coupon can be used for. If you are still experiencing issues with your coupon, please contact us directly.

Newport Vessels has never worked with any 3rd party coupon site
. We do not plan to work with these site in the future either. None of these codes will work and these codes will not be honored on our site. Do not risk your information or the security of your computer by clicking on these websites and their links. If you would like to receive codes or discounts, the best way is to sign up for our Newsletter. Our newsletter notifies you of any upcoming deals and sometimes contains discount codes that can be used at checkout. You can sign up by going to the bottom right corner of any page on www.newportvessels.com.